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"One, two, whatever you do,
Start it well and see it through.
Try, try, never say die,
Things will come right, you know, by and by."
- Children's poem

- i n d u s t r y   p a g e s

This section is for industry people - dive operators, tour organizers, restauranteurs, hoteliers, professionals.

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  There are a lot of changes going on in the scuba diving business. Growth in the industry involves attracting new customers and keeping certified divers interested and active. It involves continuing upgrade of services– not only in retail and education, but also in the resort and hospitality sector.

    The "Industry" section of "scuba,scuba" will include additional information and business ideas to supplement the support you get from your professional association. You are invited to submit articles and ideas, tips and advice, that you think will benefit the business of recreational diving. The more you give in this regard, the more you will benefit from other interested dive industry personnel contributing similarly.

    This section will also cover aspects of conservation and environmental protection that can be controlled by operators and owners. Not much point telling divers not to take 'souvenirs' from the reef while at the same time anchoring the diveboat carelessly!

    Although there are many aspects of scuba diving that are different from other businesses, the basics of business still apply. The art of winning new customers and keeping existing customers is still paramount for a successful business. Therefore, a link to our business website —The Business Start Page— will be maintained, and you are invited to visit whenever you log on to the internet.

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