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" Full fathon five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange."
- from The Tempest by William Shakespeare
- w o r t h y   w e b s i t e s


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    Alexander Mustard's Guide to the Ecology of Coral Reefs - an illustrated introduction to the fascinating variety of life found on coral reefs, and the ways in which these animals and plants feed, avoid being eaten, interact and reproduce. This is a masterly description that demonstrates why understanding the unique features of this ecosystem is essential when we try to conserve it.
    Set aside some time for this website - the pictures are captivating and the text will hold you spellbound.


    The Franck Goddio Society made its public debut with a website that chronicles discoveries in the ancient, sunken, Lost City of Alexandria. They are currently investigating the Wreck of Santa Cruz.
    The goal is to inform and involve the public in the fascinating field of marine archaeology. The Society is headed by Franck Goddio, renowned French marine archaeologist.
    Global activities involve research, exploration, discovery, excavation and preservation of shipwrecks, lost cities, and other underwater mysteries of special historical and cultural significance. More recent expeditions include underwater excavation of Napoleon's Lost Fleet and the search for Royal Captain, a ship of the East India Company.
    We invite you to share the excitement of discovery and adventure by visiting their website.


    Off the shore of New Zealand lies a maze of mystery: Kaikoura Canyon, a scarcely explored system of deep-sea trenches. Kaikoura shelters a rich variety of marine flora and fauna — Sperm whales feast here, and their menu includes a creature that has haunted literary imaginations from Herman Melville to Jules Verne to Peter Benchley: the giant squid.
    Explore the deep-sea world of New Zealand’s Kaikoura Canyon! This rich ecosystem is home to one of the sea’s last great mysteries—the giant squid has never yet been observed in its natural habitat. The Kaikoura expedition brings together the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution, along with scientists from around the world.
    Their website is easy to navigate and has a lot more than at first appears.


    “Monterey Bay Aquarium” – Complete with Special Exhibits and Live Exhibit Cams, the mission of this award-winning web site is to inspire, enrich and extend a visit to the aquarium, while fostering a deeper commitment and connection to the institution and ocean conservation. At the heart of the aquarium stand more than 1,000 dedicated volunteers and staff.
    Monterey Bay Aquarium has several special exhibits in addition to "Mysteries of the Deep," including "Jellies: Living Art," "Sea Otters" and "Kelp Forest". Go to “Aquarium Exhibits” for more details.


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