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From the Pacific to the Atlantic, the best scuba diving pictures make you feel like you are underwater on the reef with the photographer and the fish. Whether the fish are hiding in crevices in the coral, under ledges on a shipwreck, or swimming in open water, the beauty of these marine creatures, shown in the wonderful photographs in this picture gallery, is outstanding — Enjoy!

" I sit upon the sands alone —
The lightning of the noontide ocean
Is flashing round me, and a tone
Arises from its measured motion."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Scuba Gallery #2

Zubi - Permission requested 7/11/02

"Longnose hawkfish, Sulawesi"
by Zubi
Luiz A. Rocha - Permission requested 7/11/02

"Porkfish, Brazil"
by Luiz A. Rocha
Ed Robinson  - Permission granted 7/11/02 - Thank you!

"Reef shark, Bahamas"
by Ed Robinson
Linda Gettmann - Permission granted 7/16/02 - Thank you!

"Shipwreck, Florida Keys"
by Linda Gettmann
Wilhelm Bögershausen - Permission granted 7/12/02 - Thank you!

"Sponge and Coral, Truk Lagoon"
by Wilhelm Bögershausen

* In many instances, these photographs are available as a print for framing, as a poster, as wallpaper or screensaver for your computer, or as an e-mail or regular postcard. Please visit the photographer's site if you are interested in their art. In any case, these photographs are copyright - please do not copy them from this site.

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