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The wonderful photographs in these picture galleries are by some very talented marine photographers, most of whom do this for a living. We have tried to select pictures of different species of fish and coral that capture the skill of these craftsmen, and the 'presence' of actually being there; not to mention the patience they must demonstrate to capture these images — Enjoy!

" The sun is warm, the sky is clear,
The waves are dancing fast and bright.
Blue isles and snowy mountains wear
The purple noon's transparent might."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Scuba Gallery #3

Tim Hochgrebe  - Permission granted 7/11/02 - Thank you!

"Blackspot goatfish, Australia"
by Tim Hochgrebe
David Hall - Permission granted 7/23/02 - Thank you!

"Golden rays, Galapagos "
by David Hall
Carlos Minguell - Permission granted 7/28/02 - Thank you!

"Grey Triggerfish, Canary Islands"
by Carlos Minguell
Ed Robinson - Permission granted 7/11/02 - Thank you!

"Moorish Idols, Palau"
by Ed Robinson
Peter Meyer - Permission granted 7/28/02 - Thank you!

"Gray angelfish, Bahamas"
by Peter Meyer

* In many instances, these photographs are available as a print for framing, as a poster, as wallpaper or screensaver for your computer, or as an e-mail or regular postcard. Please visit the photographer's site if you are interested in their art. In any case, these photographs are copyright - please do not copy them from this site.

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