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Our scuba diving picture galleries are the result of hours of tiring work and patience by first-class underwater photographers. We thank them for their dedication and for granting us permission to display their images. These pictures of fish and coral from all over the world are chosen as representative of the sights you will see when you next go scuba diving — Enjoy!

" Afar the melancholy thunder moaned,
Pale Ocean in unquiet slumber lay,
And the wild Winds flew around,
Sobbing in their dismay."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Scuba Gallery #7

Harald Bolten - Permission granted 8/1/03 - Thank you!

"Jacks on an Oil Rig, Texas"
by Harald Bolten
Boo Nilsson - Permission requested 7/31/03

"Kelp, California"
by Boo Nilsson
Mark M. Magner - Permission requested 7/31/03

"Blue tang, Belize"
by Mark M. Magner
William Garvin - Permission requested 7/31/03

"Batfish, Malaysia"
by William Garvin
Paul Oakes - Permission granted 8/1/03 - Thank you!

"Emperor angelfish, Red Sea"
by Paul Oakes

* In many instances, these photographs are available as a print for framing, as a poster, as wallpaper or screensaver for your computer, or as an e-mail or regular postcard. Please visit the photographer's site if you are interested in their art. In any case, these photographs are copyright - please do not copy them from this site.

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