3 Conundrums

Conundrum 1
Three dive buddies were driving to a dive site and stopped at a motel for the night. The room rate was $30, so they each paid $10 and went up to the room. While getting some ice, one of the buddies met the person from the next room and found out that he had paid only $25.

When he told his buddies, they decided to call the manager to find out why they had paid $30. The manager admitted the mistake and gave the bellhop $5 to give back to the divers. The bellhop said to himself: How can I split $5 between 3 guys? I will give each of them $1 and keep $2 for myself! Which he did.

So now the divers had paid $9 each ($10 less $1 they got back). 3 x $9 = $27. Plus $2 the bellhop kept = $29. What happened to the other dollar?

Conundrum 2
A man was coming home from market. He had purchased a cat, a bird and a bag of seeds. He came to a river which he had to cross. Being a diver, he had his fins, mask and snorkel with him but he could only carry one of his possessions at a time.

Now, he couldn’t leave the cat with the bird because the cat would eat the bird; and he couldn’t leave the bird with the bag of seeds because the bird would eat the seeds. How did he get across the river?

Conundrum 3
Four divers realized the lagoon was wider and deeper than anticipated, and that their entry point was on the opposite shore. However, they saw two children rowing about in a small boat. It was so small, though, that it would only carry the two children, or one diver and his equipment.

How did the four divers get across the lagoon and leave the two children finally in joint possession of their boat? And how many times did the boat have to pass from shore to shore?