3 More Scuba Jokes

Two divers were checking a new reef when they saw a shark. The shark circled them, menacingly. One diver took off his fins and reached inside his BC and pulled out a pair of super-power fins.

His buddy signaled: What? You can’t out swim a shark!

The diver signaled back: I don’t have to out swim the shark – I only have to out swim you!

Two divers go spear-fishing. They catch a lot of fish and return to the shore.

The first one says, “I hope you remember the spot where we caught all those fish.”

The other answers, “Yes, I made an ‘X’ on the side of the boat to mark the spot.”

“You idiot!” cries the first, “How do you know we will get the same boat tomorrow?”

A Bidet
There are many countries in the world where a bidet is not a common item in most bathrooms.

A diver from one such country went on a foreign diving trip to a country that has bidets in most bathrooms. The hotel, of course, had them, also.

After checking out his room, the guest called the front desk: “What is that extra little bathtub thing for?” he asked, “For washing babies in?”

The concierge answered, “No, Sir,” he said. “It’s for washing babies out! ”