My Scuba Wish

Near a lake used by scuba divers was a bar, and a man walked in carrying a cardboard box. He put the box on the bar and ordered a drink. It was quiet, and the barman was a talkative fellow — he naturally asked what was in the box. The man didn’t answer, but opened the box and took out a miniature grand piano, then a miniature piano stool, and finally, a little man less than a foot tall, who sat at the piano and started to play the most incredible music you had ever heard.

“He’s fantastic!” said the barman, “Where did you get him?”

“Well,” said the customer, “I had been diving in the lake when I saw this frog swimming in the middle of lake, at about 15 feet, and looking very tired. I took hold of the frog and carried him to the surface. The frog seemed very relieved, so I carried him to the shore.

“When I put him down – and you’re not going to believe this bit,” the man said, “– the frog started to talk! He said he wasn’t really a frog, but was a handsome prince turned into a frog by a wicked fairy. And because he had never learned to swim, he wasn’t making a very good job of being a frog. And as I had just saved his life, he was going to grant me a wish.

“Now, the frog did seem to have difficulty equalizing as we surfaced, and it must have affected his hearing, because I told him my wish – and that was how I got a 10″ pianist!”