Scuba Diving Gifts

Scuba gifts are tough to buy.  Hopefully this list of the top 10 scuba diving gifts will make your job a little bit easier.

10.  Scuba Diving Knife

This scuba gift is a no brainer.  Underwater nearly anything can happen.  If its possible to cut your way out of it then this scuba gift is a life saver.  There are several different types of scuba knives to chose from but a stainless steel blade is critical so it remains sharp and ready for action.  Scuba diving knives can range from $20 – $100.

9.  Scuba Flag Nick Knacks

Find your diver that favorite scuba flag nick knack shouldn’t be to difficult.  These scuba gifts include bumper stickers, license plates, key chains, shot glasses, coffee mugs,  just to name a few.  A quick visual reminder that they are part of an elite few who find a thrill seeking out the under water world we live.  These scuba diving gifts can range from $2 up to $100.

8.  Scuba Diving Book

With the internet, books have nearly become obsolete.  However having a handy reference guide to the best diving site can be a great read when you’re dreaming about your next scuba vacation.

7.  Snorkel and Mask Set

For about $50 you can purchase a very nice snorkel and mask set.  If your divers mask is wearing out or doesn’t fit right this can be a great idea.  You might want to listen closely though because finding a mask that fits just right might be a challenge.

6. Dive Watch

A dive watch isn’t a critical piece of scuba diving equipment, but having a nice watch is always a pleasure.  The sky is the limit when it comes to your wallet, so set a budget before you start shopping for this scuba gift.

5.  Dive Light

This scuba gift is a must have for any diver who loves to night dive.  This can also be a great asset for any divers who do any cave diving or deep diving where visibility is limited.  There’s a whole new world to explore and these ultra powerful diving lights are the perfect solution.

4.  Swim Fins

For about $150 you can buy some of the nicest fins out there.  Don’t be fooled though, a nice pair of fins could be as cheap as $50 for a quality pair.  If you’re diver has ever complained about not being able to move quickly or efficiently through the water you might consider a really nice pair of fins.

3.  Gift Certificate

If you’re on the hunt for a scuba diving gift you already know this is one expensive hobby.  What a better way to offset some of the cost for their next scuba vacation.

2.  Dive Helmet

The dive helmet is where scuba diving became a reality.  What a better way to have a unique conversation piece on the desk.  There are tons of trinkets and life size replicas to chose from with all budgets in mind.

1.  Underwater Camera

Starting at about $50 and going to the highest imaginable budget you’ll find a stellar scuba diving gift.  An underwater camera.  Being able to capture the creatures of the deep, your favorite ship wreck, or just the beauty the beholds each and ever diver is now a reality.  An underwater camera is the best possible scuba diving gift EVER!