Scuba Diving Vacations and Resorts

scuba diving vacations
Looking for scuba diving vacations?  Looking for the best scuba diving resorts?  Maybe we can help.  What other recreational activity can offer such a variety of location, habitat and involvement? Scuba diving gives you the opportunity to combine travel to exotic, faraway places with a unique recreational sport.  Scuba diving vacations are your ticket to the next adventure.

So much of the earth’s surface is covered with water that the recreational diver would seem to have an endless choice of places to visit and explore. Even so, there is only a very narrow strip of accessible resources along the coast of continents and around islands suitable for scuba diving; plus, rivers and lakes. Within these narrow confines, the diversity of terrain, aquatic plants, animals and fish, and variety of water conditions is amazing. Marine creatures range from some of the tiniest on earth to the largest ever to exist. It makes a scuba vacation the most rewarding vacation available.

There is no shortage of scuba diving vacations to experience. Dive resorts around the world have grown in number and quality: destinations once considered unreachable are now popular scuba vacation spots. Some have grown to mega-resorts, others have maintained their quiet, fishing-village charm. Still others are far enough offshore to warrant specially designed boats, known as ‘live-aboards’.

Add to this the wonder of eco-tourism, the pride in conservation and the adventure of discovery, and scuba diving has something for everyone. All these choices –from the economical to the luxurious– offer the scuba vacation diver more destinations, more variety, and more reasons for participation, than we can possibly present here. We hope you find our information helpful, and wish you plenty of spectacular diving especially on your next scuba diving vacation!

Scuba Diving Vacations You Should Consider

Hawaii Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Diving – With so many islands to cover you can’t go wrong with a vacation in the Caribbean. The Caribbean offers a board variety of scuba diving vacation resorts to accommodate you and your family. We’ve got detailed articles on Dominica Republic, Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and even St. Lucia. Make sure you give the Caribbean a good look for your next scuba diving vacation.

Diving in South Africa

Fiji Scuba Diving – Did you know that Fiji is considered the “Soft Coral Capitol of the World?” A scuba diving vacation to Fiji gives you access to an enormous variety of soft corals, a staggering number of fish including barracuda, tuna, and sharks. Beginner to expert you won’t be disappointed with a Fiji scuba vacation.

Florida Scuba Diving
Texas Scuba Diving

Galapagos Scuba Diving
Diving in Italy
Red Sea Scuba Diving
Cozumel Scuba Diving
Truk Scuba Diving