Caribbean Scuba Diving

Caribbean scuba diving offers you warm crystal clear, tourquoise colored water and so many islands of diverse diving you would be able to come back several time and never make the same dive twice. Caribbean diving also provides divers with dives as deep as 120 feet. Every island in the Caribbean offers a myriad of dive shops and even dive resorts to make your next scuba vacation the best ever.

Caribbean Scuba Diving Highlights

Aruba Scuba Diving

Bonaire Scuba Diving

Curacao Scuba Diving

Dominica Diving – Most expert scuba divers say Dominica scuba diving is a must see for divers of every experience level.

St. Kitts Diving – Looking for the best kept secret in the Caribbean scuba diving world? Try St. Kitts diving. There are several great reefs to choose from including Sandy Point, Black Coral reef, and Brimstone reef.

St Lucia Scuba Diving – A scuba vacation to the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without a St. Lucia dive. St. Lucia offers a vast variety of dives for divers at any skill level. There are several wreck dives, a couple amazing drift dives, and coral reefs that will keep you stunned for an entire tank.

Virgin Island Scuba Diving – There are 3 main regions for diving in the Virgin Islands that make this a Caribbean scuba diving hotspot. Check out a log from one of our dives for all the goods on diving here.