Aruba Scuba Diving

The biggest highlight of Aruba scuba diving start with its ship wrecks. Several W.W.II wrecks provide premier dive sites. The Antilla, Pedernales, and a DC-3 airplane are some favorites displaying a tremendous diversity of marine life.

The mangled wreckage of the German freighter, Antilla, is alive with sponges, coral and hydroids. The crew blew up the ship at anchor, making much of it unrecognizable. At 60 feet (18m) this is a good dive for all skill levels, and the large compartments allow easy penetration – a myriad of fish life hovers in her recesses, including masses of silversides. Being only 300 feet (90m) from land, a shore dive is possible, but a boat will save two rather long surface swims.

Just south of the Antilla lie two other great sites with wrecks – the Pedernales is a shallow site at 35 feet (10m), and also a good snorkel site. The torpedoed Pedernales features angelfish, groupers, and lobster. Malmok reef and Debbie II, a 120′ (35m) fuel barge, are at a maximum depth of about 70 feet (20m). Brain and leaf corals, large barrel sponges, and schools of barracuda make this an interesting dive.

Aruba is also well known as a world class windsurfing location. Windsurfing centers dot the western coastline providing all the necessary equipment and instruction for beginner to advanced. Swimming and snorkeling at any of the beaches is easy with a gently sloping drop-off into the clear, blue, tropical Caribbean Sea.