Bonaire Scuba Diving

The coral reefs around the salt island of Bonaire, and neighboring Klein Bonaire, have been designated a Marine Park. This has ensured the preservation of the Bonaire scuba diving industry. Bonaire has become known as the “Diver’s Paradise” because of the pristine and bountiful underwater world.

The short boat ride to Klein Bonaire makes available dozens of Bonaire scuba diving sites like Carl’s Hill Annex, Munk’s Haven, and Forest with coral, sponges, and gorgonians so thick you don’t know where to look next. Sites accessible from shore or boat include the Hilma Hooker, a 235-foot (70m) freighter, which has orange cup corals covering her giant propeller nearly 100 feet (30m) down. Dive Salt Pier, the Invisibles, and Red Slave, and keep your eyes peeled for the camouflaged frogfish and seahorses. Abundant fish life rewards you on every dive with new and fascinating species to look up back at the dive shop.

Many Bonaire resorts, hotels, and motels cater to water sport enthusiasts, offering scuba diving packages and boat diving on lush reefs and wrecks. This is a great place for the family to try diving, snorkeling, or windsurfing in the sunny climate and the clear, teeming, 80°F (26°C) turquoise water.

All told, the Dutch islands of the Caribbean enjoy a perfect climate. The friendly islanders with their Dutch accent expect you to be dripping wet most of the time, so casual dress and swimsuits are the norm. International cuisine featuring seafood and Caribbean specialties grace the menus of many island restaurants. The variety of accommodations, many with a pool, dive shop, kitchen, and dock or small beach make this a Caribbean destination you’ll want to return to again and again.