St. Lucia Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in St. Lucia offers divers crystal clear water and a wide variety of sites to suit the ability and desires of every diver. Shallow reefs, thrilling wall drop-offs, interesting wrecks, amazing marine life. St. Lucia scuba diving is bar none some of the best scuba diving in the world.

The Pinnacles must be one of the Caribbean’s most stunning scuba dives in St. Lucia. Four spectacular seamounts rise dramatically from 1000ft. Black and orange Gorgonia provide shelter for Trumpetfish, Filefish and Seahorses, and some of the larger fish seen in these waters frequent this area, including Groupers, Jacks and Barracudas.

Piton Wall at the base of Petit Piton is a dramatic wall which falls from the surface to depths in excess of 300feet. Sea Whips, Gorgonia, delicate soft corals and lots of feather duster worms make this a colorful location. And don’t miss the Superman’s Flight! At the base of the Petit Piton Mountain, which was used as a setting for the film Superman II. Strong currents make this an exciting drift dive. You’ll fly the wall underwater! Good fish and excellent visibility at this St. Lucia Scuba site.

Lying upright in 60 feet of water (18m) near Anse Couchon is the wreck of Lesleen M. Now a glorious artificial reef, it is covered with soft corals, hydroids and sponges. It provides an ideal habitat for many juvenile fishes, such as Nassau Groupers, Queen and French Angel Fish. It is also home to very large lobsters and crabs, and has an enormous resident Green Moray eel. The fish here are very tame and will readily approach divers. You’ll enjoy exploring the ship’s main deck and workshop.

Close to the wreck is Virgin Cove, a semi circular reef wall, with a sandy bottom at 45 – 55 feet (14m – 18m). The cove is notable for is plethora of barrel sponges, unusual Spotted Drum’s, and Golden Spotted eels. You will also see a variety of Sea Slugs, and a profusion of plate coral. If the current permits, you can explore the northern end from which starts a gentle sloping wall descending to a depth of 75 feet (23m).

Rosemond’s Trench is one of our favorite dive sites, as it has many things to offer to the novice and experienced diver. Rosemond’s Trench consists of many parallel finger reefs, providing home to many of the less commonly seen reef creatures. The reef is home to several large Puffer Fish, Spotted Morays and the exceedingly docile and rarely seen Golden Spotted eel. On the adjacent sandy bottom, Flying Gumards are frequently observed along with skates and the rare Spotted Eagle Ray. This reef is also home to many Scorpion Fish, and features a very interesting tunnel. Night dives are most likely to find a sleeping Green Turtle among the sponges.

Fairyland is outside the Anse Chastanet cove and is best done as a drift dive. Subject to occasional strong currents, this area has outstanding visibility and vibrant corals. The plateau slopes from 40 to 60 feet (12m – 18m) and his strewn with huge boulders. Finger corals, anemones and lavender tube sponges attach to the rocks with plenty of nooks and crannies for fish and invertebrates.

Located just outside Marigot Bay, the wreck of the Angelina is a small inter-island Coaster which lies upright in 60 feet (18m) of water. It is home to two of the largest French Angel Fish ever observed in St. Lucia and lies just offshore from an interesting reef. This area is an excellent site for antique bottle hunting as Marigot was once a refuge for the English Men of War.

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