Fiji Scuba Diving

Ready for an exotic diving trip? Go Fiji Scuba diving! Begin the day in a swimsuit, grab a quick cup of coffee, then slip on a wetsuit (usually still damp from the previous day’s activity). Air tank on, mask in place, you take a giant stride off the stern platform of the dive boat. It’s a relief to be in the water again.

The Fiji scuba diving reefs are some of the most diverse and untouched in the world, with hundreds of species of coral and fish clamoring for space on every reef and sheer wall drop-off.

Floating effortlessly along the reef wall you examine soft corals in a rainbow of colors protruding from hard coral outcroppings, their waving fingers reach out for the plankton-rich current. Clouds of orange, blue, and purple anthias engulf the coral heads as you swim by.

Bright blue parrot fish forage the reef for food, biting off big chunks of coral and algae. A queen angelfish glides by, shimmering iridescent blue and yellow in the filtered sunlight. The silence is peaceful as you float weightless among schools of fish and giant orange sea fans. Curious fish come right up to your mask and look you in the eye.

Drifting upward, you explore the wall and coral reef habitat nearer the surface. More light at this 30-foot (10m) depth results in different fish, brighter colors, and schools of juvenile fish in all species. You stop to examine the soft corals feeding in the current and notice black and yellow crinoids clinging to the coral branches. A closer inspection finds brittlestars entwined around the soft corals and a lionfish peering at you from its hiding place underneath the ledge.

A quick look out in the blue water over your left shoulder reveals a lone reef shark patrolling the wall. He keeps a respectable distance, cruising to find a school of snappers or grunts for lunch. At this depth you encounter large anemones with long pointed white tendrils hiding the tiny anemone shrimp. Territorial striped clownfish flit in and out, nervous that you are getting too close.

All too soon it is time to surface as you reluctantly drift upward and clamor into the boat. “Bula” (hello) rings out from the native dive masters welcoming you aboard as you shed your gear and exchange excited accounts of critter sitings with your buddy. You dry quickly in the warm sunshine, enjoying a snack before donning wet dive gear and taking another giant stride into Fiji’s fabulous underwater realm.

Aren’t you ready to take a Fiji scuba diving adventure?