Hawaii Scuba Diving

Hawaii, one of the most sought after vacation destinations is also home to some of the most amazing waters for scuba diving adventures. With over 25% of marine life dwelling in the waters of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii scuba diving is sure to be one of the most incredible experiences.

Hawaii is made up of 132 islands, though we usually only think of the very popular, Maui, Oahu and Hawaii and is more than 2400 miles away from any other continent. This has created one of the most unique underwater experiences in the world.

Imagine swimming with Spinner Dolphins or encountering a 25’ whale shark, this is what awaits you in the waters off the Hawaii islands. Hawaii scuba diving offers a number of habitats – coral reefs, lava tubes, sandy bottoms, drop-offs and basalt boulders and cave and caverns, each is a unique underwater terrain.

Hawaii Scuba Diving Locations

Oahu Scuba Diving – With water temps between 72 to 82 degrees Oahu Scuba diving offers an array of dive sites from plane and shipwrecks to grottoes and lava formations that have large schools of colorful fish as well as the beautiful green sea turtle.

Maui Scuba Diving – Maui scuba diving offers an array of scuba options for the beginner to advance. Many of the Maui dive sites can be accessed from local beaches where the reefs start just 10 feet out.

Hawaii Scuba Diving – Stretched along the leeward coast, Hawaii scuba diving offers many diverse environments including lava tubes and caves. Blue water dives usually turn up bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and pygmy killer whales

Kauai Scuba Diving – With its marine life steeped in legends, Kauai scuba diving offers excellent dive sites. Caverns formed from the molten lava flowing into the sea and coral reefs in pastel colors